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About SoundBubble

SoundBubble audio products deliver exceptional sound to drive everyday adventures and extraordinary pursuits.

SoundBubble is a California-based audio brand that draws inspiration from the challenges, opportunities, and creativity intrinsic to living, working, and playing in California. When chasing passion and innovation need not be confined to a conventional nine-to-five, anything goes. In the blink of an eye, life can take you from the boardroom to beachfront (or suit-and-tie to wetsuit) and all points in between. To support a culture where “fast-paced” and “laid back” are prioritized in equal measure, consumer technology must keep pace.

To that end, SoundBubble collaborates with leading California designers, engineers, and tech consultants to create products that integrate sleek design, innovative construction, and superb sound technology. We create wearable, durable, and versatile audio solutions and a range of products to enhance active lifestyles and fuel the quest for creative and technological advancement.

In September 2017, we launched SoundBubble, in tandem with a complementary lifestyle product line.

To all visionaries, pioneers, movers, shakers, artists, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers thriving along the California coast and elsewhere, thank you for the inspiration. SoundBubble audio products deliver extraordinary sound to drive everyday adventures and extraordinary pursuits.