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Earbuds Help What devices do Ear Bolts work with? You can pair Ear Bolts with Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC enable devices.
  How do I power on Ear Bolts? Long press holding the main button(1) for 4s, until the voice prompt
“power on”.  The LED will be flashing blue when they are on.
How do I power off Ear Bolts? Long press holding the main button(1) for 4s, until the voice prompt “power off”. 
The LED will turn off.
How do I pair Ear Bolts? Long press holding the main button(1) for 8s when the Ear Bolts are turned off.  The
LED will be flashing fast blue and white.  There will be a voice prompt “your headset is
connected” when they have been successfully connected.  
What is Ear Bolts named when pairing the device? Ear Bolts
How does auto connect work? Once you have paired the devices, the Ear Bolts will automatically connect with
your mobile device the next time.  With the Ear Bolts off, simply press and hold the main control
button(1) so that the lights flash alternately white and blue.
How can I check the batter levels? Under the standby mode or while using them, double-click the volume up(2), there
is a voice prompt stating “battery high / battery medium / battery low”.
Is there a notification for low power? When the power is lower than 15%, the LED light will turn white, 3 min
repeat and will have a voice prompt “power low”.
How do I answer a call? Short, one press of the main button(1).
How do I redial a call? In standby mode, double-click main button(1).
How do I answer a call while listening to music? Short press of the main button(1), one time,
short press of the main button again to end the call, Ear Bolts will return to the music.
How do I add a third party on a call? Keep the first call; answer the second call, long press of the main button(1) for 1s.
How do I remove the third party from the call? Reject the third party call:  Using your mobile device reject the third party call.
How do I change songs? ?
How do I adjust the volume? Use the volume up and volume down buttons.
How do I properly fit my Ear Bolts? Ear Bolts includes small, medium and large silicon ear tips.  The medium size is the most
common fit.  If that is not the case just select from the others and then follow the steps
below to fit them properly into your ear canal.

1.  Identify the right and left earpieces.
2.  Wrap the cord around the back of your neck, insert the Ear Bolt into the appropriate ear.
3.  Adjust the Ear Bolt until it is in your ear canal and you have a sealed fit.
4.  Tighten the cable around your neck.
5.  When you are not using the Ear Bolts, simply remove them from your ears and they
magnetically connect to each other, so you can store them securely around your neck.
How do I charge Ear Bolts? The headset will have a minimal charge from the factory.  It is best to fully charge the
battery before you use it for the first time. 

1.  Connect the USB cable to the charging port(4) on the Ear Bolts and then to a charging
power adapter or computer port. 
2.  The charging light will be white to indicate it is actively charging.
3.  The light will turn off when it is fully charged.
What is the recommend maintaince for my Ear Bolts? When the Ear Bolts are not in use, store them in the included carrying case.  Avoid storing
them in extreme hot or cold temperatures and keep them clean with a damp cloth. 
What is the warranty for Ear Bolts? 1 YEAR GLOBAL WARRANTY  Ear Bolts products are backed by a full 1 year warranty.
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Purchasing  Where can I purchase Ear Bolts? Directly from and Amazon
Where can I purchase different colors of nuts? Directly from 
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What is your warranty? 1 YEAR GLOBAL WARRANTY  Ear Bolts products are backed by a full 1 year warranty.
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