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How do I pair the NUB?  

Step 1:  Turn on the NUB.  It will beep and blink blue.  

Step 2:  Locate the Bluetooth icon on your laptop, and turn Bluetooth on if it is not already.  

Step 3:  Under the Bluetooth drop down menu locate the "Open Bluetooth Preferences" option and elect it.  The device name "NUB" should be present under the device menu.  

Step 4:  Pair your laptop with the NUB by selecting the Pair button.  A sound will occur when the pairing is finished.  

Step 5:  Play something with audio to see if the NUB is working properly.  

Optional Step 6:

a:  If the audio is not playing open "System Preferences" and select "Sound"

b.  Select the Output Tab between Sound Effects and Input.

c.  Locate NUB and select it.

The audio should play via the NUB.

How do you adjust the volume on the NUB?

The volume is adjusted from your connected device.


Does the NUB automatically turn off?

Yes, it will turn off on by itself after a few minutes without using.


How long does the battery last?

About 4 to 5 hours.


What is stereo sound?

You can simultaneously connect two NUBs and listen in stereo sound.


How do you connect two NUBs for stereo sound?

Power on two NUBs. Double press the power button on one NUB. A sound prompt will be heard once the speakers have been paired successfully. The main speaker’s LED will blink, and the secondary speaker’s LED will light up. After the first pairing, the NUBs will connect automatically when you turn them both on.

If the speaker is connected to my phone, will it ring through the NUB?

Yes, it will ring and then connect as a speakerphone you can take phone calls on.

Change between Remote Shutter Mode & Default Mode

Double click the power button of the main speaker to transfer between the Remote Shutter mode and the Default Mode. You will hear a camera shutter sound or a keyboard typing sound. 

Remote Shutter Mode

One click will take a photo if the connected device has a camera app open. If the camera app is closed, continuous clicks will roll through the volume levels. 

Can I connect the NUB to my laptop?

The NUB will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)

I am unable to connect my NUB to my phone?

The easiest way is to do a soft reset on the phone:
1. Put the phone into Airplane Mode for a minute (with Bluetooth & WiFi also off)
2. Another way is to power off and power on the phone.

If that doesn't work, then generally a harder reset is needed:
A. iPhone 6: Press the power and home button simultaneously until you see the apple logo then let go until it turns back on.
B. iPhone 7: Press the Down volume button and Sleep Button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo then let go until it turns back on.
C. Here are the steps for the iPhone 8:



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